Meet José - Certified Recovery Coach

Jose Saez has been in recovery for four years. Jose struggled with substance use and legal issues from a young age. His decision to work in recovery was based on his own experiences. He did not want individuals in this valley to go down the same path.

Jose is from Puerto Rico. He moved to Colorado four years ago. In his spare time he likes to play pool, bingo, and bowling. Jose is a Peer Specialist a Certified Recovery Coach and CAC in training.

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Introducing Julie!

Julie is a Registered Nurse who has a Master's degree in Counseling. She has worked in a wide variety of settings including YRC, CRMS and private practice. Julie recently earned her nursing degree and is a Registered nurse. Julie's areas of professional interest are Recovery, Family Therapy and working with youth. Julie enjoys the great outdoors, hiking, biking, and zip lining.

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Recovery Resources is now a member of CASP!

We are super excited to now be a member of Colorado Alternative Sentencing Programs (CASP) for our Community Service monitoring program (UPS).

The mission of CASP is: To give persons processed by the Courts the chance to demonstrate their ability to safely contribute to our society without the need for the use of expensive jail resources.

We are glad that we are able to support that mission here at Recovery Resources.

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10 Reasons Why People Continue to Use Drugs

A key characteristic of drug addiction is that the individual suffering from it continues to use despite harmful consequences. The behavioral economic perspective views addiction as a consequence of falling victim to decision failures that lead to a preference for the addictive behavior (Bickel et al., 2014). The following are 10 ways in which addictive consumption choices can be pathologically impaired. These dysfunctional decision-making processes also predict whether individuals retain the capacity to improve their choices (Heyman, 2009).

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