Family Engagement Program


Recovery Resources believes that the family involvement in substance abuse treatment can be highly beneficial tool to help families to break the cycle of addiction. Many family members are not aware of destructive behaviors such as enabling that simply keeps the loved one in the cycle of addiction. Family involvement in treatment can provide education about the disease model of addiction. Education surrounding addiction can help the family be aware that addiction is a disease that requires continued care to cultivate sobriety. Awareness can help families to be conscious of the needs of an addict to have sustained sobriety.

Addiction is referred to as a Family Disease. People often regrettably do not know where or how to start repairing damaged relationships. Recovery Resources offers a Family engagement program that can help the families of addicts learn to repair relationships and assist with tools to build a foundation for a healthier future. At the time of admit, each detox client has the option of allowing the family be part of their treatment planning. Recovery Resources offers three free counseling sessions to the family of the client in order to education and help the family support their loved one that is struggling with addiction.


Beth Berkeley
Family Engagement Program Director
110 ElK Run Drive, Suite 221
Basalt, CO 81621


Recovery Resources offers three free counseling sessions to the families of detox clients.